WELCOME: To THG please take the time to read our server rules and info's. NOTE: To get back to this welcome page anytime type: !info or /info in the ingame chat.
  1. 1. NO Cheating or exploits.
  2. 2. NO Team stacking. - ( More info - #2.10 Stacking link )
  3. 3. NO Mic spamming.
  4. 4. NO Advertising or recruiting of any kind.
  5. 5. NO Offensive sprays xxx etc.
  6. 6. NO Bitching with other players! (It only makes you look stupid)
  7. 7. Spawn camping! (Play fair Keep spawn attacking to a minimum)
  8. 8. Please DO NOT abuse public commands! (Use when needed not for fun)
  9. 9. Please DO NOT abuse team balance! (Its auto for your benifit)
  10. 10. Please DO NOT use another players alias! (specialy THG members)
  11. 11. Obey the admins! ( when asked a question or warned please )

  12. We would appreciate it if you could speak english ONLY on all our servers!

    Language: We ask for swearing to be kept to a minimum before 9pm server time (GMT), We don't mind the odd bit of language over mic or even in text, but please don't make it excessive. This doesn't mean you can't swear, what it means is don't make every other word a swear word. Administrators will kick at their own discretion for what they deem to be "excessive language".

    We all know what's unacceptable. Dropping the N-Bomb or using the C word is not tolerated. Any abusive language to other players maybe be picked up by an admin.

    There should be no racism used on the server at all, regardless of context.

    Abusive language directed at players specifically is more likely to be picked up on than other swearing.

    Your Name: Your name should not contain any profanity or racism, although we don't mind the odd thing over mic (ie. "wow they raped us that round"), names should not contain anything to do with rape either.