Welcome to THG. Please take the time to read our server rules.
  1. 1. No explicit content, discrimination, harassment, abuse or hate-speech in name, text, voice, sprays, weapon names, descriptions or private messages. (including but not limited to pornography, homophobia, sexism, racism).
  2. 2. No cheating, exploits or griefing. This includes afk avoidance scripts.
  3. 3. No advertising or recruiting of any kind.
  4. 4. No mic or text spamming.
  5. 5. No impersonation of another player's alias.
  6. 6. Obey the admins! Repeatedly ignoring questions or warnings will not be tolerated.
  7. 7. English is the official language for the servers although occasional bursts of other languages are acceptable.
  8. 8. Language: please keep swearing to a minimum before 21:00 GMT/BST. We don't mind the odd bit of language but please don't make it excessive. This doesn't mean you can't swear, just don't make every other word a swear word. Administrators can use their own discretion for what they deem to be "excessive language"
    Profanity with charged meaning (e.g. the N-Bomb or the C-word) is not acceptable under any circumstance.
  9. 9. Keep statements on topics that can evoke strong emotions to a minimum. This includes politics, religion and sexuality. We are a gaming community for everybody to have fun in, not a soapbox platform.
  10. 10. No team stacking including circumvention of the auto team placement.
  11. 11. No spawn camping (occasional drive-bys & teleporter killing are acceptable but play fair).
  12. 12. Do not abuse public commands (Use them when needed not for fun).
  13. 13. Do not abuse team balance (Its auto for your benefit).