WELCOME: To THG please take the time to read our server rules and info's. NOTE: To get back to this welcome page anytime type: !info or /info in the ingame chat.

Server Info:

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Public TF2 Server Commands: All work by typing them in chat

1. !rules (Read our server rules important to do this!)
2. !forum or !thg (Opens up our website ingame)
3. !group (visit our steam group/community)
4. !thgservers (What players are on our servers and the map)
5. votekick ( If needed - Do not abuse)
6. voteban (If needed - Do not abuse)
7. votemute (If needed - Do not abuse)
8. votescramble (Raise a vote to scramble the teams.)
9. nominate (Nominate a map for the next public vote!)
10. rtv (Use this if you're bored or want a map change "Rocks The Vote")
11. motd (View all info about thg, rules, servers and more)
12. Other usefull commands (!tf2blog, !steam, !google, !radio)

THG Server Details

  • [TF2] 1 - Vanilla Fun Server [EU] - Ip: triggerhappygamers.com:27015  
  • [TF2] 2 - Teamwork Critvote [EU] - Ip: triggerhappygamers.com:27025  
  • [TF2] 3 - Community match & events server [EU] - Ip: triggerhappygamers.com:27035  
  • [Mumble] Ip: - Port: 64738