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(Game) You are banned!
Last post by TheKnigget in General Chat on 02/08/2016 10:11 pm
Happy Birthday - winthof
Last post by Stimor in General Chat on 02/08/2016 08:49 pm
Maps now on 3 rounds, bug?
Last post by binksy in Team Fortress 2 on 02/08/2016 08:48 am
Submit Demos for THG weekly Highlights
Last post by Kaibz in General Chat on 02/06/2016 05:10 pm
Mann vs Machine Team Up #2
Last post by Fnif in Team Fortress 2 on 02/03/2016 12:46 pm
To Kaibz (and medics in general)
Last post by DaV in Team Fortress 2 on 01/31/2016 12:53 pm
Last post by Big_Daddy in Introductions on 01/30/2016 12:34 am
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Coins 00:51:25
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Big_Daddy 05:05:15
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Shake 05:52:56
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TheKnigget 07:10:24
carlos 07:37:53
Dkz 07:48:34
walnut 08:02:40
RedRidingNope 08:03:01
Aztek 08:23:18
Scoutgeek144 08:56:37
MIG 09:20:12

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         cat Favourite game as a kid?
         cat Reflex (Quake-esque arena style FPS) on Steam Early Access
         cat From the EA Humble Bundle
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         cat Left 4 Dead 2 Modding
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         cat Client update for BF4 16th Dec 2013
         cat UCAV Video - By me!
         cat Phantom Prospect - Unique Dog Tag - Premium Instructions.
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         cat THG Custom Maps - Download most of them from here!!
         cat [old] THG 9v9 Highlander Match! 24th sep 7:30pm
         cat [old] Custom map night - Sat 3rd October 7:30pm bst/gmt
         cat [old] TriggerHappyGamers 6v6 Tournament!
         cat [old] THG 9V9 Match Night! Saturday 11th July @ 7:30pm
         cat [old] TriggerHappyGamers v's Hampshire Heavies
         cat THG Demos - Find all our match and event demos here!!
         cat [old] THG#3 9v9 Match Night! Friday 29th May @ 7pm(bst)
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         cat Server map problems "After update" all fixed :)
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         cat Replays on our tf2 #1 server!
         cat Unstable pings most of the day.
         cat Our #2 is currently down & should be back up asap
         cat Servers need updating
         cat 3 maps you may want to have a play with
     cat2 Banned?
         cat Ban appeal
         cat Ban appeal
         cat can i please be unbanned
         cat 3 bans tonight
         cat Ban Required
         cat Arena - OMG Abbie's here! - Wallhacker [demo provided]
         cat Need advice about a player
         cat banned for aimbot
         cat Tried to connect to your server, apparently banned?
         cat Ban Appeal
     cat2 Minecraft
         cat Subway stations and expansions
         cat Minecraft: Game breaking bug
         cat Minecraft shenanigans
         cat Creeper explosions
         cat THG Old/NEW Minecraft Server - Details here - Now Online
         cat So, nobody in THG plays Minecraft anymore?
         cat Overload server on - 187 mods!
         cat How do i get whitelisted?
         cat Feed the Beast (minecraft mod pack)
         cat Possible for a Whitelist?
     cat2 Team Fortress 2
         cat Maps now on 3 rounds, bug?
         cat To Kaibz (and medics in general)
         cat My 1st TF2 vid - scout cap E on cp_steel with teeeeamwork!
         cat Scoreboard fixes
         cat THG#2
         cat Mann vs Machine Team Up #2
         cat How to make the scoreboard show player count for Tough Break
         cat New TF2 update - Tough Break - out now!
         cat cp gothic
         cat pl_clifftop - New version released
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         cat My Professor Geistes Blitz - Steampunk outfit
         cat Lazy heavies!
         cat POTC Cosplay as requested
         cat Cinemasins
         cat so very true
         cat reminds me of mom
         cat For you British types
         cat High five bee
         cat Me driving :D
         cat horses & stuff
     cat2 General Chat
         cat Happy Birthday - winthof
         cat Submit Demos for THG weekly Highlights
         cat (Game) You are banned!
         cat THG Screenshot Contest - Now closed for entries! Voting soon
         cat two more birthdays today
         cat Image Repository/ Image Posting Test for Binksy
         cat America is building on "The Snack Future"
         cat thg loph (cant spell it)
         cat its that time (nearly) akazash
         cat THG forums dead?
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         cat For sale! Tt Black element 6500DPI gaming mouse.
         cat MIG's Custom water loop build!
         cat Windows 10
         cat For sale Zotec Geforce GTX 980
         cat Calibration tool anyone ?
         cat For Sale NEW MSI GAMING 770 GTX 4 GIG OC
         cat For sale!! Saphire Radeon HD 7790 2GB OC Edition
         cat some odd lag lately
         cat AraS updated build !
         cat Here are some videos of Steam Machines in action
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