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TF2 Moments
Last post by amis in Team Fortress 2 on 03/30/2015 04:51 pm
Shake's Request for Reg status
Last post by Deepblue in Apply to join our Regs on 03/30/2015 12:36 pm
Can I be a reg
Last post by Shake in Apply to join our Regs on 03/30/2015 12:19 am
Server maintenance & upgrades
Last post by AMT in News & Announcements on 03/27/2015 07:41 pm
Fight Night - Wed 1 April 7pm
Last post by MIG in Matches & Events on 03/26/2015 11:19 pm
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DaV 00:02:14
Coins 00:15:08
amis 00:20:32
Sam 00:22:20
carlos 00:24:38
kLoWn 00:28:12
aerynsun 00:40:28
binksy 00:52:11
JoshSpeed 01:47:38
winthof 01:49:22
AraS 02:15:57
Salith 02:16:25
Topher 02:51:03
Deepblue 03:30:23
Glashio 03:48:59

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         cat Website Maintenance / Updates
         cat Server maintenance & upgrades
         cat New admins :)
         cat 2 new server admins
         cat TF2 IPs For Our TF2 Server / Updated 11.02.2015
         cat BF4 Server - Now offline....
         cat Welcome 2 new Server Admins for our - TF2 PL Maps Server
         cat BF3 Server - Now Offline
         cat Forum/Site Maintenance
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         cat Hey, Sam here
         cat Hola!
         cat Fashionably late to the party
         cat It's [SjoQ]Glashio
         cat long time no post hello!
         cat Hello everyone.
         cat Faxter checking in!
         cat Hey all!
         cat New TF2, Great server experience
         cat hello!
     cat2 Apply to join our Regs
         cat Can I be a reg
         cat Winthof's application for official reg position
         cat Shake's Request for Reg status
         cat [SjoQ]Glashio = Regular @ TF2 Pub server
         cat Applying to join our THG regs? - Read here...
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     cat2 Any Game!
         cat Favourite game as a kid?
         cat Reflex (Quake-esque arena style FPS) on Steam Early Access
         cat From the EA Humble Bundle
         cat renegade x
         cat Batman Arkham City Free
         cat Batman Arkham Asylum
         cat Mark of the Ninja
         cat Steam Coupons... If you want them (also general hellos)
         cat Planetary Annihilation
         cat Humble Bundle with Origin
     cat2 Left 4 Dead
         cat Left 4 Dead 2 Modding
         cat Who's up for some Zombiekilling?
         cat Left 4 Dead 2 event anyone ?
         cat deadery
         cat A quick l4d/sacrifice trailer I made
         cat The Left 4 Dead comics are here!
         cat L4D vs. L4D2
         cat L4D+L4D2 Bundle
         cat Left 4 Dead 2's Zombies Invade Gametrailers TV at 12:30am
         cat Crash Course Campaign Due in September
     cat2 Battlefield
         cat Announcing the Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month (Feb)
         cat Is BF4 worth buying?
         cat Premium double XP time!
         cat Next BF4 Patch 20.December
         cat Client update for BF4 16th Dec 2013
         cat UCAV Video - By me!
         cat Phantom Prospect - Unique Dog Tag - Premium Instructions.
         cat Client update BF4 9.December
         cat BF4 Patch 3. December inc. Serverpatch and Battlelog update!
         cat Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation
     cat2 Dota 2
         cat Added a dota 2 forum for you all :)
         cat dota 2 official release and THG guild
         cat planetside and dota 2 beta keys
         cat Dota 2 Invite
         cat DotA 2
     cat2 Matches & Events
         cat New Map Night - Sun 29 March - let's test some maps!
         cat Fight Night - Wed 1 April 7pm
         cat What times can YOU play?
         cat Fight Night - 24 March
         cat New Map Night - 22 Mar
         cat [old] Fight Night - Sat 14 March 7pm
         cat [old] Fight Night! Tues 10th March 7pm
         cat [old] Fight Night ! Thurs 5th March - all welcome
         cat [old] Saturday 1st February modded map night #1
     cat2 Servers
         cat Replay Data - resets 1st monthly - dl you replays asap.....
         cat Replays on our tf2 #1 server!
         cat Unstable pings most of the day.
         cat Our #2 is currently down & should be back up asap
         cat Servers need updating
         cat 3 maps you may want to have a play with
         cat server update 4/12/2014
         cat #2 has now been changed into Freak Fortress 2
         cat RTD.... has been removed.....
         cat Valve has managed to break our servers again!!!
     cat2 Banned?
         cat 3 bans tonight
         cat Ban Required
         cat Arena - OMG Abbie's here! - Wallhacker [demo provided]
         cat Need advice about a player
         cat banned for aimbot
         cat Tried to connect to your server, apparently banned?
         cat Ban Appeal
         cat Shiny Demon | Allison! :), on arena server (with demo)
         cat Cheater on TF2 server
         cat Speedhacker
     cat2 Minecraft
         cat So, nobody in THG plays Minecraft anymore?
         cat Overload server on - 187 mods!
         cat How do i get whitelisted?
         cat Feed the Beast (minecraft mod pack)
         cat Possible for a Whitelist?
         cat Would like to get whitelisted (if possible)
         cat MineCraft - The Pretty Scary update 1.4
         cat Mincraft Server Now Running 1.3.2 & Multiworlds
         cat Creative Mode Request
         cat Minecraft Update 1.3 - Server updated and moved!
     cat2 Team Fortress 2
         cat Just a thought! Highlander team is recruiting again
         cat THG Funny moments
         cat players unable to connect
         cat Blu can push blocked cart
         cat dat stack
         cat This doesn't look good......
         cat Teamfortress 2 song
         cat Coins the Happy Heavy
         cat MOAR SLOTS!
         cat Odd thing happening on map changes
 cat3 General Area
     cat2 Funny Stuff
         cat Cinemasins
         cat so very true
         cat reminds me of mom
         cat For you British types
         cat High five bee
         cat Me driving :D
         cat horses & stuff
         cat I know it's not Christmas but...
         cat Worst song ever (so far?)
         cat Team Fabulous
     cat2 General Chat
         cat ok the secret is out.....
         cat What is the worst ping you have had/seen?
         cat THG Poker (Need more players) :D
         cat Malware spreading through Steam chat!!
         cat Happy Birthday Binksy
         cat A scary week!
         cat Well shit
         cat Sad news :(
         cat Location next meetup?
         cat HeLiCopT3r Nuketown Wall Hacks
     cat2 Hardware & Software
         cat For Sale NEW MSI GAMING 770 GTX 4 GIG OC
         cat For sale!! Saphire Radeon HD 7790 2GB OC Edition
         cat some odd lag lately
         cat AraS updated build !
         cat Here are some videos of Steam Machines in action
         cat New Nvidia drivers 331.82 WHQL out
         cat New Batman & Assassin creed 4 + New Splinter Cell
         cat loads of memory for sale and graphics card for sale
         cat My new gaming machine
         cat I've won an AMD APU
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