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#1: No icon Choo-Choo-Choose Me! Author: JoePinballLocation: Earth PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2018 4:59 pm
I am hereby applying to become a THG reg, on the hope that it will normalise my bowel-movements becoming "regular"

Joeeee Very Happy

#2: No icon Re: Choo-Choo-Choose Me! Author: aerynsun PostPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 5:04 pm
heeeeeey joe welcome to the forums  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy wishing you best of luck - bring chocolate croissants things will go smoothly i am sure  Smile

#3: No icon Re: Choo-Choo-Choose Me! Author: DaVLocation: Edinburgh PostPosted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 9:48 pm
Don't think we need to wait on this one...feel free to use @THG after your name if you'd like  Surprised

I've upgraded you to shiny blue on the forums!

#4: No icon Re: Choo-Choo-Choose Me! Author: binksyLocation: UK PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:57 am
Welcome aboard buddy Smile

#5: No icon Re: Choo-Choo-Choose Me! Author: JoePinballLocation: Earth PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 3:13 pm

*admires his new, shiny blue nick and smiles happily*

Joeee  Very Happy

#6: No icon Re: Choo-Choo-Choose Me! Author: the_steel_rat1Location: london PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 3:13 pm
bit late but hi Joe  you were never public anyway

#7: Fight Re: Choo-Choo-Choose Me! Author: LuluTADAM PostPosted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 2:42 pm
Change your avatar and you will be accepted !

Welcome here, you'll see, they're nice  Wink -> Apply to join THG Regs

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