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#31: No icon Re: Pyro limit Author: zzzzzzzzzz PostPosted: Wed May 02, 2018 5:46 pm
olshi wrote (View Post):
I voted against a 2 Pyro limit. The last update fixed some of the balance issues, and Pyros haven't been as annoying since then.

They fixed the damage, but the other issues stay the same. Pyro's impact on how the game flows versus that pyro's skill level is unacceptable. Note that sniper is one of the most comfortable classes to play against pyro, so maybe you don't feel it as much.

@Big Daddy

How did I make it personal? You're the one calling people who want changes to be made on #2 "saltlords", suggesting that their opinion isn't worth considering. Invoking the word "echo chamber" implies quite a bit nowadays.

I am giving some countervision to your idea of pyro being OP/annoying whatever ya wanna call it.


Just learn how to play against it

Why is it that you always assume you're in the right, yet you imply it's others who aren't open to the idea that they're wrong? You have never played on our server since the pyro update at least, and I doubt you've played much on #1 either if at all, so where is that knowledge coming from?

#32: No icon Re: Pyro limit Author: Big_Daddy PostPosted: Wed May 02, 2018 5:56 pm
Again this server thing. Why does it matter where I have played? Are #1 and #2 the only premium servers were you can enjoy tf2 to their best? Is it that only on those servers I can feel how oppresive pyros are? Feels bit elitelist.

So yeah from MY experience the pyros aren't oppresive, because I just switch to another class with a different loadout if the enemy has a really good pyro. Saying that I assume that I am always right is a bit odd, but hey if that makes my opinion less valid, then go ahead, but this is exactly what I said before. It doesn't matter what I say, it's a conversation on the interwebz. You will stick to your opinion at the end of the day and I will still think my opinion is way more superior.

And what do ya think what I imply with echochamber? So far most of the posts are people whom agree with how bad/unfun/oppresive pyro is, which looked alot like salt. Therefore me sending that youtube video. -> Team Fortress 2

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