Warning about one of the new Jungle Inferno maps.
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#1: No icon Warning about one of the new Jungle Inferno maps. Author: Fareseed PostPosted: Fri Nov 03, 2017 12:52 pm
It is about the map koth_brazil.

Thing is, the map was originally designed to handle a player size of 8 player, 12 at most. The only thing that was ever changed with the map was to extend the spawns a bit to accommodate 24 players, at the cost of making the map unstable and very crowded.

The map becomes less and less stable for servers exceeding those player amount, that was why THG #1 crashed when the map was being played with a full server of 28 players. The map was never designed to run well with such high numbers. I would recommend taking the map off the nomination list to prevent the server from higher risk of crashing whenever we land on it with a full server.

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