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#16: No icon Re: Map updates available. Author: asmila PostPosted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 4:58 pm
cp_kalinka and cp_propaganda got updated.

#17: No icon Re: Map updates available. Author: asmila PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2018 8:35 pm
Hello, there are some map updates available for #2:





#18: No icon Re: Map updates available. Author: DaVLocation: Edinburgh PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2018 3:41 pm
asmila wrote (View Post):
Hello, there are some map updates available for #2:





All updated. Thanks for the links, makes it much easier  Smile

#19: No icon Re: Map updates available. Author: Fareseed PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 12:32 pm
pl_pier_b20 has an update available, pl_pier_b22 is the latest version.

Patch notes (warning, contains a lot of images.)
-Made fireworks more pretty. (Image of the new fireworks too large to post.)
-Replaced all Bulletcrops content with Frontline equivalents.
-Modified buildings to improve variety in architecture.
-Reduced overall skybox height.
-Replaced stair clips with blockbullets.
-Relocated burgers.

Point A
-Added sign to obstruct view between the bridge and payload tunnel.

Point B
-No significant changes.

Point C
-Added wood pile to prevent fall damage under dropdown.
-Replaced lower pier path with beach to prevent having to 'jump' out of the water.
-Added nook outside warehouse to provide safe-ish haven for offense.
-Shortened catwalk over the double shutters to make shutter entry less overwhelming.
-Removed some vertical supports that get in the way.

Point D
-Added choke-ish area around the cart path to make area less open, encourage defensive holds, and encourage more fighting in the surrounding area.

Point E
-Modified dropdown to be less vulnerable and give offense a more protected path to the interior balcony.
-Red's catwalk no longer connects to the platform at the top of the hill. Instead, there is now a set of stairs that connect this platform to the ground level.
-Replaced pickup with sniper van for easier jumping.

#20: No icon Re: Map updates available. Author: Fareseed PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 4:06 pm
pl_pier_b22 has a new update available. Latest version is pl_pier_b23.

Patch Notes:
Anti prop cloaking update
-Begone, foul frame eater.
-Added additional ramp to final.

#21: No icon Re: Map updates available. Author: Fareseed PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:49 pm
cp_sulfur_rc1 has an update available, latest version is cp_sulfur_rc2

Patch notes:

Improved Visuals in many areas
Water is expensive now (can be turned off in client settings)
Fixed rocks not being vertex lit

cp_overgrown_rc4 has an update available, latest version is cp_overgrown_rc6

Patch notes:

rc5 changes:
"Replaced that roof material everyone has been complaining about since we reartpassed with a new one, SURPRISE

Tweaked some timings slightly
Fixed a bunch of visual bugs
Fixed a bunch of clipping issues/ exploits
Did some other stuff, I forget"

rc5a changes:
-Fixed missing soundscape, oops
-Packed in a nav mesh ARE YOU HAPPY NOW
-Updated localization files

rc6 changes:
"This update has some big changes and hard cuts. I'm expecting some people to not like it, but sometimes hard decisions have to be made for the improvement of the whole. I think these changes will be very worth it."

"Removed the basement between first and second to reduce unneeded routes on the map. This should refine the "frontline" of combat a bit more, forcing players to use the main floor level to push through, giving it a bit of a "wide choke." This also makes it so red doesn't have as many places to hide from Blu as they get pushed back.

Removed door leading into train station on last to coincide with basement missing. The lower area will have less importance, and the train station should be a little easier to hold once attackers push in, with less ways for defenders to take it back.

Adjusted left path out of first to second transition area into last, added a drop down from upper restaurant area into it. This should hopefully give it a little more focus for attackers, making it a decent option to go to the left side of the map, and making the upper restaurant area more useful.

Added staircase going back up from lower last area to walkways on "attackers" side, makes the pit less of a trap that you can only get out of from one direction. This also let's red cross through that area when rolling out and not hit any dead ends.

Changed environment lighting to be brighter, less orange, and changed the skybox to match. Removed a number of lights that were no longer needed in the map. The map felt a bit too gloomy and overly orange. Things should be brighter and clearer now

Fixed a large number of visual bugs and issues, I forget, I did a lot of little things since the last update.

Further optimization of the map"

koth_cascade_b6 has an update available, latest version is koth_cascade_rc1a

Patch notes:

Beta 7 notes

Optimization improvements

Removed waterfalls on cliffs around the point
Slightly narrowed tunnels inside cliffs

Added dropdown from house into right-main hallway

Changed low wall on right side so it can no longer be stood on or jumped over

Slightly lowered rock arch

Added collision to battlements sign above house staircase

Added nobuild to crates/barrels on left battlements

Removed/adjusted some props to fix unintended sightlines

Fixed broken lighting on some props

Minor detailing changes

Beta 8
Added one-way tunnel connecting right yard to the point, exiting directly under the opposite upper tunnel

Upper and lower tunnel share a floor/ceiling grate that does not block explosive splash damage
Lowered right rocks at mid

Added transparent fences in front of lowered rocks

Added window into lower on the point

Replaced medium ammo behind rocks at mid with two small packs closer to the point

Removed small health from upper left area outside tunnel

Made right side small wooden fence opaque

Added/removed/adjusted various props

Overhauled displacements around mid

Hot Fix
- Fixed an unintended prop jump

Beta 9
Removed lower tunnels

Flipped position of lower entrance/exit

Added stairs from under battlements into house

Replaced staircase outside house with ramps

Widened area under bridge on left side

Moved health/ammo under bridge to the opposite side

Reworked right side staircase

Adjusted rocks/fences at mid

Widened mid

Slightly lowered point

Reworked detailing in several areas

Reworked lighting

Beta 10
Returned lower entrance/exit to its original position on the right side

Lowered highground at mid

Added space to right side yard/ramp

Changed right side wall so it can be jumped over but not stood on

Adjusted clipping on rocks at mid

Adjusted clipping on props in connector rooms

Adjusted clipping in cave/tunnel

Raised height of the cave/tunnel ceiling

Increased size of dropdown in house

Reworked arrangement of staircases in spawn

Fixed players getting stuck in staircases when spawning

Added a second resupply locker on right side of spawn

Various detailing changes

Adjusted lighting

Release Candidate 1 (!!!)
Fixed audio bug that prevented players from hearing hitsounds, spy decloaks, etc.

Improved clipping in several areas

Optimization improvements

Adjusted position of tunnel

Reduced steepness of wooden ramp leading to cliff

Increased the height of right side fences and rock on mid

Slightly rotated left side rock on mid

Adjusted back left rock on mid to make jumping onto the fence more consistent

Added an additional staircase to right side spawn exit

Various detailing changes

Adjusted lighting

Significantly reduced map file size

- fixed broken cubemaps

Minor Update
Fixed clipping issue on fences at mid

Fixed bug that caused players' movement to stutter while on the point

Removed railing that got in the way of rollouts in middle spawn exit building

Adjusted lighting on the point and around mid

Minor detailing changes

pl_vigil_rc2 has an update available, latest version is pl_vigil_rc4

Patch notes:


RC2A (2/3/2018)
- Bug fixes

RC3 (22/6/2018)
- Filled in pit at last point
- Lowered sentry platform on last
- Added stairs to the flank room on last
- Added a prop jump to allow blu to get up the outside part of the flank room on last
- Added a high fence on the edge of the map on the flank of the last point
- Spawn time adjustments on last
- Removed the decrease in rollback time after the cart goes up the final rollback ramp
- Reduced size and adjusted position of third point rollback ramp
- Added barriers to the rocks near third point to reduce sniper abuse
- Moved entrance of house between second and third to before the crates
- Some changes to detailing

RC4 (29/6/2018)
- Reduced sightline from locker room to lobby between 2nd and 3rd
- Clipping improvements
- Prevented stickies from being hidden under the tracks between 2nd and 3rd

#22: No icon Re: Map updates available. Author: Fareseed PostPosted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 5:06 pm
cp_overgrown_rc6 has an update available, latest version is rc7b

Patch notes:

"Big Update
Syncing up the workshop version
Biggest change is lighting and some material updates" -> Team Fortress 2

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