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pl_vigil_rc7 Duck Hunt

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Gender: Gender:Male
Joined: Feb 24, 2017
Age: 23
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Favourite TF2 Class: Engineer
PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2020 6:47 pm Post subject: No icon pl_vigil_rc7 Duck Hunt Reply with quote

Have found 36 ducks on the map.

1 Medic Duck, open crate in BLU first spawn.

2 Heavy Duck, below the spytech stuff in BLU first spawn.

3 Spy Duck, rafters of BLU first spawn.

4 Sniper Duck, under the trees, behind BLU first spawn.

5 Scout Duck, behind the boxes outside BLU second spawn.

6 Pyro Duck, dresser in BLU third spawn.

7 Engi Duck, at the terminals, to the left of RED second spawn.

8 Soldier Duck, behind the pipes, next to the telescope at final.

9 Pyro Duck, left of the resupply in BLU thrid spawn.

10 Engi Duck, in the grate window, below the observatory.

11 Scout Duck, above the flank tunnel, to the right of the building with RED first spawn.

12 Medic Duck, under the stairs, behind BLU first spawn.

13 Demo Duck, on the shelf, in the flank tunnel to 3rd point.

14 Heavy Duck, in the open crate, in BLU first spawn.

15 Spy Duck, in the left side resupply locker of BLU first spawn.

16 Sniper Duck, on the roof of the tall building, next to the cliff at the first point.

17 Pyro Duck, ontop of the map credits TV in BLU third spawn.

18 Soldier Duck, on the scaffolding in the observatory.

19 Heavy Duck, in the stack of tires in BLU first spawn.

20 Spy Duck, in the back of the truck in BLU first Spawn.

21 Sniper Duck, above BLU first spawn.

22 Soldier Duck, behind the crate next to the final point.

23 Medic Duck, below a truck in BLU first spawn.

24 Scout Duck, below the grate, in the building with RED first spawn.

25 Engi Duck, behind the doors below the final point.

26 Pyro Duck, below the map credits TV in BLU third spawn.

27 Demo Duck, above the RED first Spawn exit, at the third point.

28 Engi Duck, watching TV in the office outside the observatory.

29 Spy Duck, ontop of the back rafters in BLU first spawn.

30 Soldier Duck, next to the cliff around the observatory.

31 Medic Duck, on the loft of the BLU first spawn.

32 Sniper Duck, on the cliff above the first point.

33 Demo Duck, behind the borded in bushes at third point.

34 Demo Duck, in the cieling, towards the back of the building with RED first spawn.

35 Heavy Duck, between the pullies in BLU first spawn.

36 Scout Duck, behind the fenced in boxes, in the cliff house at fist point.

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