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  Topic: My application to join the wonderful THG Regs

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PostForum: Apply to join THG Regs   Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 3:15 pm   Subject: My application to join the wonderful THG Regs
Hello all! So I just made an introduction post and I have been informed by a Mr Arx that I need to apply to become a regular and a full member of this community. (Silly me)

So, if no one minds, I would LOVE to become a regular here, pretty please. Smile
  Topic: Hello there!

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PostForum: Introductions   Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 2:36 pm   Subject: Hello there!
Well hello there ladies and gentlemen! I am the Shadow Samurai but I also go by the names:Majestic_Haze and Shadow_Shinobi.

*Prepare for the longest intro in your life*

You may or may not have already encountered me (though I'm sure whatshisname's mom has (I dont know how to spell the name lol it begins like aesyg something) XD

I am a crap TF2 die-hard with abysmal skills and poor gamesense who has been pubbing since 2014. I have only played like two or three lobbies and that's the closest comp experience i have lol

Since TF2 has been 'dying' lately (thanks Valve) the servers that I usually frequent and the community I am a part of have slowly been 'dying out'. I am a part of the Critsandvich Network community (hence the CSn tag in my steam name) which populated from time to time but not as frequently as it used to be. I also used to play on Slaughterhouse (which died unfortunately).

Those 2 are/were American communities where high ping often made it hard for me to play and I have yet to find any server with such a high skill level and a lovable community with decent ping..until now. :)

I am a terrible Spy main but I am crap at any class and I have bad videos showcasing my poor pub frags on Youtube. (My channel name is Majestic Haze).

I will proudly wear the regular tag (once I post this introduction and get regular status hopefully lol) in my name and will be on afternoons and evenings and will not mind helping to pop the server, show off my terrible skills, complain about the crappy toaster of a laptop i play on and the fluctuating ping i am forced to play with sometimes.

I am looking forward to be playing with you guys some more! Thank you for reading this.

Stay sharp and stay suave. ~Shadow Samurai out
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