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  Topic: Ban Appeal

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PostForum: Banned?   Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2021 4:01 pm   Subject: Re: Ban Appeal
Thanks for you answers.

BigT_ wrote (View Post):

I'm pretty sure that the etf2l (fake or not fake) message was only a small part for the initial ban, the whole mockery/trolling of a at that point regular player and the overall toxic behavior of you and some of the top5rocket crew lead to the initial ban.

The point of this post wasn't to appeal for the first ban. I was banned 1 (or 2 ?) weeks for that reason but that's over. Whether the first ban was legit or not isn't relevant for what I am asking now (even though I've stopped being publicly toxic towards your staff since then).


You tried at least 5 times to circumvent the ban using alt accounts.

Yes and I was wrong doing that. I have understood my mistakes and will not ever use alt accounts on your server.


This isn't ETF2L. Or maybe we should reduce the ban to 5 years for disrespect?

I was just using ETF2L as a reference point, but please do not compare me making le funny message and le funny taunt in casual server to someone celebrating someone else's death.


So why do you even care about being unbanned?

Probably should have been clearer. I wrote this message during my lunch break, hence me being unable to launch TF2 at this very moment. I am totally able to play the game every day. My bad on this


If only you would have waited the 2 weeks like the rest of the banned top5rocket players at that point, you wouldn't have that issue now.
Or don't cause any major trouble like Elacour who was the first one of your group playing on here.

I know I made a mistake, that's why I'm acknowledging what I have done wrong in this post. I should not have created those alt account to circumvent the ban, I agree with you. Via this post I am kindly asking to be unbanned, by telling you that I have understood my mistakes and that the duration of the ban is probably not sound.

The thing is, I could still create alt accounts to join my friends from time to time but I don't do it anymore. I did it at the beginning and it wasn't smart of me. But I learned from it and evolved into a better person (I think).

Thank you for your time
  Topic: Ban Appeal

Replies: 3
Views: 335

PostForum: Banned?   Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2021 2:18 pm   Subject: Ban Appeal

First and foremost, I do not have access to a TF2 instance right now, but as stated on this link it appears that I am still banned from your servers. Please discard the following post if the information on the above link is wrong.

Now, I was banned several times for the following reasons (or at least, that was my understanding of it).

* 1 week ban for having posted a message on an ETF2L match page which I did not participate in and which teams I wasn't part of at the time (ETF2L is a competitive TF2 website on which most of the EU competitive 6v6 TF2 happens). This message was a part of a FAKE steam conversation in which I FAKED requesting (and accepting the said request) a merc for that specific game. The merc was a player named '-foG.Nox' which was notorious for getting furious at me (or my friends) for joining the THG server. AFAIK, this player wasn't an admin of the server at the time. Here is the offense. Both teams were 100% aware that I was joking and that I wasn't really requesting him as a ringer for the game.
* several bans on alt account I created to avoid the ban and still play during that week
* a final and global permanent ban on my main account and all alt accounts (and ip also?) I used to access the server

While it has been more than a year since this incident, I am still banned from the server. I understand that creating those alternative accounts was not clever and that I should have waited and/or appealed directly and I regret that decision (note that I am appealing for the larger ban which reason is "circumventing ban by using alt". I do not appeal for the first ban because I do not agree with it).
I understood what I did wrong and will not ever try to circumvent a ban by using an alt account.
As a reference, a proven cheater on ETF2L is banned for a year, someone who has threatened ETF2L staff 2 years, someone who has shown disrespect regarding the passing of an admin 5 years. I think that a permaban is way out of proportions.
For all those reasons, I think it would be a sound decision to remove the ban on my main account so that I could play on the THG pub servers.

Thank you for you time reading this post and warm regards,
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